7 Best Contemporary Artworks You Must See

If you are an artist, then there is no better way to learn than to see other artists’ works. Many contemporary artists have created a strong foothold in the art world with their amazing creations. Here are some of the best contemporary arts that you must see.

Autumn Rhythm

By – Jackson Pollock

In this artwork, the artist used the drip-painting technique. This technique was invented by him, and you can see the uniqueness in his paintings. For this artwork, Pollock had to stand on the canvas, drip paint onto the canvas, and let the diluted paint fall naturally.

He just splashed, poured, and scraped paint all over the canvas to give a natural touch. The natural movement of the diluted paint created his artwork.

I Still Face You

By – Njideka Akunyili Crosby

In her painting, you will find the influence of Nigerian and American cultures. The elements of her painting originate from Nigerian folk culture. She uses her cultural influences with the traditional tone of paintings to create the artwork.

The Girl Who Had Everything

By – Cecily Brown

She is famous for her richly textured and luxurious contemporary artworks. Her works have a touch of abstract expressionism. She uses textures and colours with biomorphic forms and sexually suggestive figures that become prominent in the middle of abstract drawings. This allows the audience to look at a depth of the painting.

Infinity Mirror Room

By – Yayoi Kusama

She is known as one of the most eccentric contemporary artists. Her works are hallucinatory and psychedelic. You will notice that repetition plays a big role in it and she enjoys working with the concept of infinity. This particular artwork gives the viewers a great sense of infinity.

Girl With Balloon

By – Banksy

This artwork became so famous that it was repainted by many others to support a different political campaign, especially the Syrian refugee crisis that took place in 2014. It was later sold in an auction at Sotheby’s.

My Bed

By- Tracey Emin

The artist suffered from deep depression, and the idea of this artwork came to her mind during this time. Her depression was caused by troubled relationships and also her alcohol addiction. After she recovered from depression, she was upset to see the mess in her room and decided to put that up in her artwork.

Door 84

By – Dorothea Tanning

You will notice dynamic and loose strokes with the use of bright colours in this painting. This painting was created with oil paint. A door segment was used for the painting. This is one of Dorothea Tanning’s most remarkable works.

These contemporary artworks tell a lot about the creativity of these artists. You will notice how they used their imagination and experience in these artworks.

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